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Education and Learning are very important to us. In order to encourage new and younger audiences, our Twelfth Night viewtorials featuring the highest calibre Shakespearean experts are  available FREE to viewers on our YouTube channel.

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Twelfth Night viewtorials

The contemporary setting of Twelfth Night encourages us to view Shakespeare as having relevance to our own lived experience. 

Our first series of viewtorials offers scene-by-scene expert analysis of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night featuring Royal Shakespeare Company Honorary Associate Artist Bill Alexander and Carol Chillington Rutter, Professor of Shakespeare & Performance Studies, University of Warwick.

Available FREE on YouTube.


Stage to Screen

Twelfth Night was shot over a single month in West Sussex. Five full Acts of Shakespeare in four weeks represents something of a challenge. To achieve this whilst maintaining the integrity of the original text, it was critical not only to cast top quality actors who were comfortable with the language, but also to ensure they were properly prepared. Three weeks rehearsals were completed before a single shot was filmed. By doing so, this allowed the cast to gain confidence by developing their work naturally through the rehearsal process and arrive on set secure with both language and character.

Twelfth Night is available to BUY or RENT on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video.

Starring 2018 Olivier Award winner Sheila Atim as the shipwrecked twins Viola and Sebastian, with Zackary Momoh (Seven Seconds/Netflix) and Dominic Coleman (Upstart Crow/BBC1), Twelfth Night is a charming tale of love and ambition brought right up to date by Director Adam Smethurst.


Sheila Atim - Viola & Sebastian

Antony Bunsee - Malvolio

David Charles - 1st Officer

Dominic Coleman - Sir Andrew Aguecheek

Alexander Delamere - Priest

George Johnson - Valentine

Christopher Keegan - 2nd Officer

Jamie Kenna - Sea Captain

Steven Miller - Fabian

Zackary Momoh - Antonio

Luke Murphy - Curio

Simon Nagra - Sir Toby Belch

David Nellist - Feste

Shalini Peiris - Olivia

Nina Shenkman - Maid

Ben Whybrow - Orsino

Lisa Zahra - Maria